Educational program

Children are the masters of their own development. Playtime, in its various forms, is the perfect activity through which they will discover their environment and grow.The educators support and guide their explorations and encourage socialization while contributing to their growth, self-esteem and achievements.They stimulate their creativity and answer to their needs while ensuring their safety, health and well-being with affection and professionalism.Their various conscious interventions consider the particular needs and personality traits of each child as well as their development levels and abilities according to their age. They also take into consideration the values and evolution of Quebec’s society and the recommendations of the Ministère de la Famille’s educational program adopted by the daycare and implemented by its educators.

Our educational program is mainly based on the Accueillir la petite enfance program recommended by the Ministère de la Famille.It was designed to both serve as as a reference guide for educatorsand to provide information to parents. Itshows the mission of Quebec childcare services and ofLes Lilliputiensas well as its principles, objectives, methods, values and priorities.

It helps guide the implementation of our educators’ activity program by reiterating the expectations in the children’s education. It proposes recommendations and solutions to the educational staff in the practice of their profession and is avaluable tool that ensures the constant improvement of our collaboration and the coherence of our program.

All staff recruitment and recognition of persons working with the children of Les Lilliputiens is conditional upon:

  • The possession of a first aid certificate
  • The verification that no impediment exists with the judicial authorities(criminal background check)
  • The respect of the qualification ratios of the early childhood educators

The educators hired by Les Lilliputiens are early childhood professionals who are passionate and motivated to ensure that Les Lilliputiens’ mission and its educational program objectives are achieved. They promote the overall development of children in terms of emotional, social, moral, language, physical and motor skills.

The educators help children adapt and integrate to community life. They promote the adoption of healthy lifestyle and eating habits and encourage behaviours that favourably influence their health and well-being.

Plan and prepare educational activities that allow the development in every aspect of the children.

Accompany and supervise the children in their activities, as well as encourage their adaptation and integration into the community.

Observe and take notice of the children’s evolution and behaviour.

Guide the children in daily life actions, particularly in relation to nutrition, hygiene, getting dressed and personal care, while pushing for autonomy and healthy habits.

Develop a relationship with parents and discuss their children’s development, notably when the children are being dropped off or picked up from the daycare.

Participate in the design of individual intervention plans for children with special needs and ensure their implementation.

Ensure the health, safety and well-being of the children.


  • Dance
  • Educazoo
  • Workshop – Music and misc.
  • Workshops in English every week
  • Weekly theme
  • Gymnastics and physical education during the winter
  • Rotation of 40 books borrowed from the Bibliothèque Robert-Bourassa every other week
  • Neighbourhood outings to the florist, grocery store, puppet show, etc.
  • Paddling pool and picnic at the park during the summer
  • Three outings to the Outremont theatre