Sitting in the heart of Outremont, Les Lilliputiens daycare provides children with a flexible, varied and adapted environment that encourages the adoption of healthy lifestyle and eating habits

The 5 dimensions of child development and their objectives

Emotional skills

  • Developing good self-esteem
  • Feeling safe
  • Controlling their emotions

Language skills

  • Vocabulary (pronunciation, using language appropriately,creating a word repertoire, etc.)
  • Development of reading, writing and culture skills (participating in cultural activities, discovering books, pictures, drawings, storytelling, etc.)
  • Phonological awareness(discovering and playing withsounds, using words and songs, etc.)
  • Comprehension and expression (verbal expression, understanding words and sentences, etc.)

Physical and motor skills

  • General and specific motor skills (writing, arts & crafts, dancing, sports, etc.)
  • Sensory perception (exploring the 5 senses)
  • Lateralization and body image (recognizing left and right, identifying body parts, etc.)

Cognitive skills

  • Development in creativity (using their imagination, creating, inventing, etc.)
  • Understanding the world (acquiring knowledge on the universe, the why’s and how’s of things)
  • Problem solving (recognizing problems and finding solutions, experimenting with trial and error)
  • Spatio-temporal organization (finding their place in space and time)

Social and moral skills

  • Group integration (teamwork, mutual aid, waiting their turn, etc.)
  • Ability to get along with peers (respecting themselves and others, developing social skills, etc.)
  • Putting themselves in someone else’s shoes before acting (showing empathy, perceiving the emotions of others, etc.)